4 Tips For Your Infant or Toddler's Oral Health

4 Tips For Your Infant or Toddler's Oral Health

Posted by Ralph Reilly on May 30, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Asia baby show tongue.jpegOh toddlers! They’ll keep you on your toes for sure. They are so fast that you rarely have time to clean up after they empty a cabinet to catch your breath before finding them playing with toothbrushes in the toilet. (Please make sure you toss out that brush by the way!) They have so much energy and can be hard to manage at times but here are a few tips you can control that will help establish good oral health early in life.

Tips To Establish Good Oral Health Early In Life

Never Let Them Sleep With A Bottle Of Milk 

It is extremely important to never send your little ones to bed with a bottle of milk or juice, doing so could lead to what I call ‘baby bottle decay’ which can be very traumatic for your child. It can cause serious problems and often requires a hospital visit to first remove decay. Their teeth become stumps and must be capped with silver teeth.

Stop Thumb Sucking and Use of Binkies by the age of 3

Sucking on a thumb or Binkie up to age three is within normal range but beyond that time it can change the growth pattern and development of the teeth and jaws.

Follow these toothbrush tips

Each child or person should have their own toothbrush and store it where it will not touch other brushes. Their tooth brush should be replaced every two to four months. Always get them a new toothbrush after your child has a cold or flu and throw the old one away.

Sipping All Day Will Cause Decay

It’s okay to give your little ones a sippy cup or bottle with water to consume all day but try to limit their freedom to sip on juice and milk all day. Have juice and milk available at mealtimes only. When sugar combines with bacteria in their mouth it produces acid. That acid along with the acid from the drink attacks the enamel on their teeth and eventually causes tooth erosion.

Take a breath and enjoy the ride. They grow up way too fast! And as always we’d love to help you and your family discover how to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

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