5 Problems Cheap Dentures Cause

5 Problems Cheap Dentures Cause

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 19, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Woman holding a teeth sample or prosthesis at the dentist-2.jpegWould you purchase a car if you knew it was only going to last a couple years? Maybe, but would you if you knew it would break down often and require frequent visits to the shop and more cash that you don’t have? Hopefully not. Maybe you could plan on saving a while and taking the bus or have a family member drive you places. So if you wouldn’t waste money on a lemon car why even consider cheap dentures. That’s just throwing your money away!

Don't Waste Money On Cheap Dentures

There are many reasons we don’t think you should waste your money on cheap dentures and here’s a few:

  • Poor fitting and uncomfortable: The economy version of dentures are poor fitting and causes sore spots and pain. Most of the time these dentures end up in a dresser drawer not getting worn because they are too painful.
  • Frequent adjustments: Dentures need to be refitted often due to the fact that bone reabsorption causes the dentures to become loose. Within the first year of wearing dentures 60% of the width of the bone in the upper jaw is lost. The more budget friendly dentures are the lower quality and poor fitting  you will receive.
  • Increasing digestive issues: Because dentures cause you to lose bite force it increases difficulty chewing food thoroughly which makes your whole digestive system work over time.
  • Speech difficulty: Increase difficulty talking clearly due to the fact that it is hard with the economy version to get a good fit. Also most people do not have the muscle strength in their tongue and mouth to manage removable teeth.
  • Facial structure changes: With removable teeth your bone begins to break down and your facial features begin to change due to bone loss. Not only does your bone structure change but your muscle tone does as well.

All of these are good reasons to say no to having dentures. Dentures mask the problem and over time actually cause more or worse complications than before. They were a decent solution in the past but today we have better solutions that can enable a person to chew with ability similar to natural teeth.

If you were to ask around for advice from people who have been living with dentures I would venture to say if they all were in an honest mood that they would have rather chosen implant options. I realize money can be an issue for some but you may want to consider all options. Maybe ask a family member for assistance.

Are you tired of the band aid fixes that only last a short time and cost more money in the long run? Are you tired of constant pain? If you are ready we would love to visit with you about your options. Make an appointment today


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