Dental Hygiene Habits Your Dentist Will Thank You For

Posted by Ralph Reilly on April 26, 2018

Every kid hopes their report card comes back with great scores. Almost all of the time their grades directly reflect the effort they put into their studies. Just as your report from your dentist typically reflects the effort you put into your oral care.

Every dentist wishes they could give a good report to every patient but unfortunately that isn't the case. Not only will maintaining a healthy lifestyle help you prevent many common dental issues from developing it will keep your dentist happy and proud.

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Are Teeth​ ​Whitening​ ​Services​ Worth The Cost?

Posted by Ralph Reilly on April 24, 2018

The day came for the announcement. Michael had been anxiously waiting for weeks to see if he got the promotion. He was so nervous but he couldn't help but hope that his recent teeth whitening gave him the extra boost in confidence that he needed to ace that interview.

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6 Ways To Explain Dental Care To Your Young Children

Posted by Ralph Reilly on April 19, 2018

When you were in school and your instructor was teaching you a topic, did you learn by listening, reading, watching an experiment or hands on learning? Adults process information differently and a child isn’t any different. Some may want to have you read a book to them, others may be able to get all the information from a short video while another may require 2 or 3 styles of learning to reinforce the lesson.

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