7 Solutions to Grinding Your Teeth

Posted by Ralph Reilly on July 31, 2018

One of the strongest muscles in the human body is the masseter muscle which is the muscle you see in your cheek when you clench your teeth. Did you know it can put up to 600 pounds of pressure on the back molars in your mouth. I am sure you can imagine the damage your teeth can acquire if you don’t address this concern!

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How Do You Know You’ve Found The Right Pediatric​ ​Dentist​ ​In​ ​New​ ​Jersey​

Posted by Ralph Reilly on July 26, 2018

Maybe your daughter is 10 and you are worried about her teeth getting crowded or maybe your son is just getting his first little teeth poking through his gums. Whatever your reason is for seeking out a pediatric dentist we would love to help you in this process. Throughout your child’s early years it is great to stick with one dentist and help them establish a relationship and trust with the dentist. Hopefully your child will only need to see the dentist two times a year for maintenance. If you need to take your child more frequently for some type of treatment it is important for your child to have that trusting relationship with their dentist already established.

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Why You Shouldn’t Put a Baby Down With a Bottle

Posted by Ralph Reilly on July 24, 2018

As parents, we have all been there; those long sleepless nights. You are praying that your sweet little one will sleep a little longer so you can get some rest. You may even be tempted to put your baby to bed with a bottle. Not only are there higher risks for ear infections and the danger of a baby choking but it puts your little one at a huge risk for tooth decay at a very young age.

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Foods That Help Clean Your Teeth

Posted by Ralph Reilly on July 19, 2018

“You shouldn’t eat that! It’s going to rot your teeth!” I am pretty sure many people have a memory of their grandma getting on to them about the sweets and hard candy they were about to enjoy but I bet she didn’t tell you about this!

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