Are Teeth​ ​Whitening​ ​Services​ Worth The Cost?

Are Teeth​ ​Whitening​ ​Services​ Worth The Cost?

Posted by Ralph Reilly on April 24, 2018
Ralph Reilly

adult-beard-blur-842567The day came for the announcement. Michael had been anxiously waiting for weeks to see if he got the promotion. He was so nervous but he couldn't help but hope that his recent teeth whitening gave him the extra boost in confidence that he needed to ace that interview.

Sarah stood in front of the mirror beating herself up for the years of smoking and soda she consumed. Her teeth were stained and yellow and none of the whitening toothpaste even touched the stains on her teeth. She had tried over the counter whitening strips once and her teeth were sensitive for months. The condition of her teeth was taking a toll on her self confidence and she was ready to do something about it.

People considering dental whitening services often ask, “Is the money worth it?” We believe so or we wouldn’t be investing in people’s lives this way. I would guess the majority of people who have had their teeth whitened would say they would do it again and wish they hadn’t waited so long to do it.

“Is it worth it?” isn't a question we can really answer for you. It really depends on if it is worth it to you. Do you want to walk into an interview with self confidence and not worry if they are staring at your teeth? Are you tired of beating yourself up when you look in the mirror? Those answers are only ones you can answer for yourself.

We believe it is worth the cost. The world beats people down enough and if stained teeth are causing a person to have lower self esteem, we believe that person should feel like they are worth it enough to reclaim some of their self esteem.

Some people try whitening toothpaste without any success, others have tried over the counter whitening products or have gone to a salon. Please, please, do your research prior to any whitening services other than your dentist's office. Some products can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gum tissue.

The next time we saw Michael, he was so excited to share the good news with us! Like him and so many others, it helped to boost their confidence and inspire them to take chances. Sometimes there are people like Sarah that decide not to go through with it and we don’t know where their journey took them. We always hope they are able to find self confidence somehow even if they decided the cost may not be worth it.

Sometimes people don’t feel like they are worth it. They always put everyone and everything else before them. It is unfortunate because it is amazing how a boost in self confidence can change a person, their home and their career.

If you are ready to give yourself the edge you need for an interview, the confidence you want walking down the aisle to get married or if you are done beating yourself up in the mirror every morning, give us a call today.

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