How​ ​Does​ ​Sedation​ ​Dentistry​ ​Work​

How​ ​Does​ ​Sedation​ ​Dentistry​ ​Work​

Posted by Ralph Reilly on May 1, 2018
Ralph Reilly

teeth-1652976_1920Did you know that 75% of all Americans experience feelings of anxiety about going to the dentist? In fact, around 30 million Americans are crippled by the fear of going to the dentist. If you have dental fear or an anxiety, you’re not alone and you don’t have to be overcome by fear and queasiness at the thought of going to the dentist. We are here to help.

Sedation dentistry can help you overcome the fear that seizes your body and allow you to get the needed dental procedures done relaxed and calmly.

With conscious sedation dentistry, you have a new way to get the care that you desperately need without the pain, fear or unpleasantness you’ve always expected. It may seem impossible but it can help you completely relax at your dental appointments. Patients don’t fall asleep, but they do experience a deep feeling of calm and peace.

So how does it work? The night before your procedure you will take a small pill to help you get a relaxing and stress-free night sleep. About 30 minutes before your appointment you will take another pill to soothe your nerves and calm your mind. You will not be unconscious, but you’re pleasantly sedated as though in a half awake, half dream state.

Once you are relaxed and comfortable in the dental chair we’ll cover you with a warm blanket and begin the dental treatment. Throughout the entire appointment you will be carefully monitored while in your sedated state. Before you know it you will be alert and headed out the door with little to no recollection of the appointment.

After the procedure you may still feel a bit sleepy so you will need to rest. For safety purposes you are not to drive for the remainder of the day. By the next morning, everything will be back to a normal routine.

What procedures or dental visits have you put off due to overwhelming fear or anxiety? We have so many patients who tell us they wish they hadn't waited as long as they did to have their dental complications corrected. Don’t let anymore time slip by and further complicate dental conditions while putting your health at further risk. Give us a call today and we can visit with you about how we can help you overcome this complication.

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