Case Study- How Mary Moved On With A Confident Smile

Case Study- How Mary Moved On With A Confident Smile

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 21, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Portrait of a beautiful thoughtful woman smiling.jpeg“Look I know my mouth is a mess. In fact, I know it’s a disaster. I wish I’d taken better care of it, but I’ve spent most of life taking care of my husband and taking care of our children, making sure they had all they needed. I figure my time is now. Can you help me?”

When Mary came to us she was more than a little antiquated. Her teeth were a mess, her smile was broken not even just cosmetically but I’d venture to guess emotionally too. Mary was in the middle of a pending divorce and in just a few short weeks she would be single again.

Mary's Story

Mary arrived for her evaluation kinda all thrown together with lackluster clothes. She wouldn’t even smile to let us take pictures which was a normal part of our evaluation process. I imagined she felt like a soldier raising a white flag in surrender, having given it all she had but felt defeated.

Our heart went out to Mary and in that moment we met her we knew we were going to do everything we could to help her get back on her life’s course where she belonged. She knew it too and by the end of the evaluation we could see a glimmer of hope inside her.

Mary had been asking around and one of her friends mentioned our name as a referral. Later she had done a google search and we came up again. Maybe it was luck or maybe serendipity played a role. She scoured through our websites and read about us, all the services we offer and how we do everything.

We sat with her during her consultation answering all the typical questions people have. How long is it going to take? How much is it going to cost? What results can I hope to expect when it’s all said and done? We answered her questions.

When we told her the fee involved she went quiet a moment. “Well, that’s a lot more than I expected it to be.”

There are typically more underlying complications that need repair than what you can see. Refurbishing a smile requires dentistry at a level two notches or more above regular general dentistry.

She said, “You know, I’m not going to tell my friends about this; and I’m not going to discuss it with my family because this is for me. What do they know about my problems and what it’s going to mean for me to get my teeth fixed? They don’t have my problems so they can’t know.” She knew she needed help and made a wise decision that helped redirect her to a great path in life.

Today, Mary has a beautiful confident smile, she’s happily remarried and has found joy in her journey of life again. We love that we were able to be and still are a part of her journey.

Are you ready to take your problems with your teeth and turn it into opportunity? Are you ready to flash a confident and beautiful smile for that next big event?  Are you done putting your needs last? Stop putting your needs last and make an appointment today!


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