Case Study- How Peter Fixed His Smile and Transformed His Career

Case Study- How Peter Fixed His Smile and Transformed His Career

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 26, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Happy man smiling at camera on a sunny day.jpeg“.....And as you guess my pay went up again, so I’m pleased as punch. Thank you doctor for all you’ve done.”

We have come to expect little life miracles in our patients who have complete smile makeovers and Peter was no exception. Peter came to us with very serious and major dental complications that carried over into his overall health. It was evident that he needed to make some changes and right away.

Peter's Story

After some resistance from family due to the cost he stepped out in faith and took the steps he needed to reclaim his health and smile. Little did he and his wife know that it would cause a snowball effect of amazing things in their lives. His transformation at the physical level led to multiple changes in many other dimensions of his life.

Peter was promoted two times in the past two years and got a 40% salary increase. I asked Peter what he attribute that to and he replied, “I’m a different person now. I’m smiling at people more and they are smiling back at me. Before I was a bit of a grump, and I didn’t smile at people. My boss got promoted and had to leave. He recommended me for his position. I took it. Now I’m being promoted again and I’m going to have a five state region to work with.”

His wife pulled me aside and said, “What you did has been magical in our lives. You know, I was the skeptic. I was the one who didn’t want him to have this work done. I was the one who felt like it was going to be too much money and we couldn’t afford it. Now Peter is sooo much better. He has more energy. He plays with the kids. He has a brighter mood. He used to come home always disturbed and exhausted at the end of the day and he’s not like that anymore. He likes people. We go out with our friends more; and he’s a whole lot nicer to me. Now is it all because you fixed his smile? I’m not sure, but boy, is it better now. It has been so worth it.”

Have you been holding back reluctant to take the steps to reclaim your smile? What opportunities have passed you by? Did you know that attractive men and women get paid 4% - 14% more than their less attractive co-workers who hold the same positions or titles? Have you been passed up on a promotion because someone else may have appeared more kept together even though you were more qualified?

If you are ready to take the reigns back on your career, make an appointment with us today!

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