Case Study- Why Jean Stopped Covering Her Laugh With Her Hand

Case Study- Why Jean Stopped Covering Her Laugh With Her Hand

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 28, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Portrait of a beautiful woman smiling and looking very happy.jpegAs I watched Jean leave our office for the last time that day it was like seeing a completely different person than who we had first met. She left with confidence and excitement spilling out of every pore of her body. She was happy. Her smile had been revived and she was full of hope for the future.

Jean's Story

It had been just a short time before, that she had walked in our office door the first time. Jean was a mess. We didn’t have to tell her that, she knew she was a mess. She had decided she did not want to look or feel that way anymore and was looking for the next steps to take to restore her self confidence.

Jean was a sweet single gal in her late 30’s and unfortunately, her teeth had taken a turn for the worse and her smile was getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Her teeth were stained dark from years of drinks like coffee and soda and she’d had a lot of old fillings that just didn’t look good.

Her smile was far from just being challenged, Jean’s smile was what we call a true smile handicap.

She gave account of several social events and situations that she regretfully did not attend because she was so concerned with how her smile looked. She told me that she often put her hand in front of her face to cover her teeth as she smiled or laughed at jokes. She would even turn her back to people as she laughed to hide her embarrassing teeth. Her smile had been holding her personality captive within herself too long.

After a consult and complete workup we sat down with Jean and talked with her about the problem areas and concerns we saw with her teeth and smile. She was well aware of some of them but others were new concerns she has never known about before.

That day we outlined a plan for rejuvenating her smile and we could already see a sparkle of hope in her eyes. She chose to accepted our recommendations and move ahead with the plans. Little did she know how life changing that decision would be.

Shortly after we completed the restoration of her smile, she landed the promotion she had wanted. We were so excited for her but sad for us at the same time. The awesome promotion and opportunity came with a need for her to move across the country to the other coast for that new job.

Of course we congratulated her and were overjoyed because being able to be a part of changing lives is what thrills us. It was yet another patient success story for the books!

Is your success story just waiting on you to make a simple decision? What are you letting hold you back from reviving your smile and letting your soul smile on the outside? Call us to schedule your consultation today!