Case Study- Why Tim No Longer Needs Monthly Blood Transfusions

Case Study- Why Tim No Longer Needs Monthly Blood Transfusions

Posted by Ralph Reilly on October 3, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Smiling man sitting down in the sand at the beach.jpegIt was a day like most any other day, except this day, Tim, one of our new patients had a very unusual and challenging situation. During the evaluation process Tim mentioned he had to get a blood transfusion once a month just to live! I looked at him in amazement and asked what was going on.

He said “Well, my own blood seems to get toxic and my blood cells are dying faster than they should so, I have to get a transfusion every month to live.”

Tim's Story

There is very much a connection with your oral health and the overall health of your body. I was curious to see what would happen once we were able to get his teeth fixed up and I had hope that it would be something wonderful.

We began the process of getting his teeth fixed and he consistently showed improvements after every visit. Not only that but each time he came back he had even more pep in his step than the previous time.

One day as we neared the end of his treatment I asked him,  “Tim, what’s going on? You seem to be doing really well. Did you win the lottery?” He replied, “No, I didn’t win the lottery. Here’s what’s happened since you fixed my teeth. I got my smile back, the pain in my teeth has gone away, and my gums don’t bleed any more. Here’s what’s really cool, I don’t have to get those transfusions any more. My hemoglobin is back up where it belongs in the normal range. I don’t get so tired at the end of the day. I can actually be me. I feel like a brand new penny.”

We see this time and time again and we are thrilled each time. This young man chose to make a change, he made a choice that very well may have saved his life; he believes so.

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