How To Choose A Pediatric​ ​Dentist​ For Your Family

How To Choose A Pediatric​ ​Dentist​ For Your Family

Posted by Ralph Reilly on January 25, 2018
Ralph Reilly

Every parent wants the best in everything for their child, and rightfully so. We are here to take care of them and to meet their needs. Finding the best doctors and dentists may seem like an intimidating feat but we are here to help!

Every child and family are different so when choosing a pediatric dentist there is not a single right answer for everyone. So I have composed a list that I hope you find helpful in making the best decision for your child:


  • Ask for referrals: There are so many ways to get referrals for pediatric dentists. You can ask your friends and family, your child’s pediatrician, or even look up online forums or websites.
  • Check with your dental insurance provider to see what dental offices in your area are covered in your dental plan.
  • Ask about credentials: Did you know that dentists who specialize in pediatrics train for an additional two years to work with infants, children, teenagers and children with special needs?
  • Schedule a Consultation: Does your child have specific oral dentistry needs or other concerns you need to address with the dentist so you can make an informed decision? Schedule a consultation.
  • Assess the Atmosphere: Look for an office with caring, compassionate staff that has a child friendly atmosphere. It’s amazing how a child will let their guard down if there are toys and a fun inviting atmosphere. It is also fun to find an office that offers positive reinforcements at the time of the visit or even after.
  • Pick the Best Fit: Ask about their policies. Some dental offices require the parents presence for the visit while other offices ask for the parents to wait in the waiting room. Which style best suits your child’s needs? You know your child best so be sure to ask about how visits typically go.
  • Don’t wear shoes that don’t fit: By this I mean that if your child or children don’t connect with the dentist or staff that you initially choose, don’t be afraid to address the concerns or make a switch to a new office.


We love helping people keep their beautiful smile throughout a lifetime and look forward to meeting your child and watching them grow up to be a fine young adult with a beautiful smile. Call us today and schedule a consultation with us!

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