How to End Difficulty Chewing Food with Dentures

How to End Difficulty Chewing Food with Dentures

Posted by Ralph Reilly on August 31, 2017
Ralph Reilly

food-man-person-eating.jpgA sweet elderly woman named Evelyn has been battling the discomfort, pain and embarrassing moments brought on by her dentures. She began to tear up thinking about her experience at her granddaughter's wedding the previous weekend. They served the family members steak, which she hadn’t been able to eat for years because of her dentures but she was too embarrassed to say anything. As she attempted to eat the steak, her poor fitting dentures began sliding around in her mouth. She was mortified as she discretely spit out the steak into her fabric napkin and laid it over her plate.

Removable teeth can simultaneously be a great help and a great difficulty for someone with missing teeth. While they may make work as a scotch tape fix, for long term they are, in essence, just devices that enable you to chew on your gums. Unfortunately, the consequence of chewing on your gums is bone loss.

Now for some, dentures have been successful. But for the majority of people, removable teeth are just a pain that prevent them from eating some of their favorite foods, slip around while eating and cause embarrassing scenes.


End Difficulty Chewing Food With Dentures

So how can you end difficulty chewing food with dentures? Get implants instead because no amount of fixodent can completely prevent chewing difficulty that will arise with dentures. However if you must have dentures get the absolute best that you can. Why? Because in 9 out of 10 cases the cheapest dentures cause more significant problems and money later on. Even if you get high quality dentures they do wear out and need to be refitted because over time your jaw bone begins to melt away which decreases your ability to retain dentures.

Dental implants do not only save you from embarrassing or painful chewing experiences, implants help you maintain your facial bone structure, facial muscle tone and upper and lower jaw position. They help you speak more clearly and chew more thoroughly and comfortably than with dentures.

We understand that sometimes people choose dentures for economic reasons but be sure to exhaust all possibilities and options on receiving dental implants and don’t be afraid to ask family to help. But if you must choose dentures you may want to consider something called an overdenture which is built over existing tooth roots which stimulates bone to remain.

What foods have you been missing? Imagine biting into a fresh sweet apple or chewing a steak. Dental implants are the only way to really end difficulty chewing with dentures. If you are ready to stop throwing thousands of dollars on quick fix dental options and end difficulty chewing with dentures, make an appointment today!


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