Case Study- Why Tim No Longer Needs Monthly Blood Transfusions

Posted by Ralph Reilly on October 3, 2017

It was a day like most any other day, except this day, Tim, one of our new patients had a very unusual and challenging situation. During the evaluation process Tim mentioned he had to get a blood transfusion once a month just to live! I looked at him in amazement and asked what was going on.

He said “Well, my own blood seems to get toxic and my blood cells are dying faster than they should so, I have to get a transfusion every month to live.”

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Case Study- Why Jean Stopped Covering Her Laugh With Her Hand

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 28, 2017

As I watched Jean leave our office for the last time that day it was like seeing a completely different person than who we had first met. She left with confidence and excitement spilling out of every pore of her body. She was happy. Her smile had been revived and she was full of hope for the future.

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Case Study- How Peter Fixed His Smile and Transformed His Career

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 26, 2017

“.....And as you guess my pay went up again, so I’m pleased as punch. Thank you doctor for all you’ve done.”

We have come to expect little life miracles in our patients who have complete smile makeovers and Peter was no exception. Peter came to us with very serious and major dental complications that carried over into his overall health. It was evident that he needed to make some changes and right away.

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Case Study- How Mary Moved On With A Confident Smile

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 21, 2017

“Look I know my mouth is a mess. In fact, I know it’s a disaster. I wish I’d taken better care of it, but I’ve spent most of life taking care of my husband and taking care of our children, making sure they had all they needed. I figure my time is now. Can you help me?”

When Mary came to us she was more than a little antiquated. Her teeth were a mess, her smile was broken not even just cosmetically but I’d venture to guess emotionally too. Mary was in the middle of a pending divorce and in just a few short weeks she would be single again.

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5 Problems Cheap Dentures Cause

Posted by Ralph Reilly on September 19, 2017

Would you purchase a car if you knew it was only going to last a couple years? Maybe, but would you if you knew it would break down often and require frequent visits to the shop and more cash that you don’t have? Hopefully not. Maybe you could plan on saving a while and taking the bus or have a family member drive you places. So if you wouldn’t waste money on a lemon car why even consider cheap dentures. That’s just throwing your money away!

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