Sipping All Day Will Cause Decay

Sipping All Day Will Cause Decay

Posted by Ralph Reilly on May 23, 2017
Ralph Reilly

pexels-photo-200397.jpegDid you know every time you take a sip of your soda the acid attack lasts approximately 20 minutes after you swallow the sugary drink?! Drinks with a pH of 5.5 or lower begin the demineralization process. Some people believe brushing your teeth immediately after consuming a soda or high acidic drink will resolve the issue but that isn’t the case. The acid quickly begins to soften your the enamel and brushing hard can damage the enamel even further!

Examples of High Acidic Drinks Include:

  •      Soft Drinks
  •      Diet Soda
  •      Sports Drinks
  •      Energy Drinks
  •      Juice Drinks
  •      Wine
  •      Lemonaid
  •      Kool Aid

High Acidic drinks should be consumed on rare occasions, if at all. They cause the most damage to your teeth by breaking down the outer surface of tooth enamel which can not be repaired and will eventually cause cavities.

Examples of Medium Acidic Drinks Include:

  •      100% Tomato Juice
  •      Vegetable Juice (No Sugar Added)
  •      Fruit infused water

Drinks that are considered to have medium levels of acidity can still cause damage to tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth decay but the effects are less than the high acidic drinks. If you like fruit infused waters you may even consider switching out the fruit for food grade essential oils! 


Examples of Low Acidic Drink

  • Coffee(Unsweetened)
  • Milk
  • Fresh Brewed tea(Without Sugar or Lemon)

Low Acidity drinks could be consumed on a daily basis with proper daily oral care with little concern. However you still do not want to sip on them off and on all day.

When Sugar combines with bacteria in your mouth it produces acid. That acid along with the acid from the drink attacks the enamel on your teeth and eventually causes tooth erosion. If you are drinking highly acidic sugary foods you could minimize the damage by drinking out of a straw so it decreases the exposure of the acid to your teeth. Also you could help by drinking a few sips of water after each sip of high acidic drinks which will help dilute the sugar and acid.

I’m always surprised with the drinks people will consume without knowing the effects it has not only on the overall health of their body but their oral health as well! If you are drinking high acidic drinks on a regular basis make sure you are getting your regular 6 month teeth cleaning and checkups so your dentist can make you aware of any areas of concern! They may even want to see you more frequently.


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