Use These Lines To Help You Prepare​ ​Your​ ​Child​ ​For​ ​A​ ​Dental​ ​Cleaning

Use These Lines To Help You Prepare​ ​Your​ ​Child​ ​For​ ​A​ ​Dental​ ​Cleaning

Posted by Ralph Reilly on August 23, 2018
Ralph Reilly

afro-beautiful-child-1068205Imagine a friend invited you to watch a movie they had seen but you hadn't yet. Would you be more apt to be excited to go if they said “You probably won’t like it but I already bought your ticket” or “I just went to this movie and you have to check it out!” How you present going to the dentist to your child isn’t any different. It is very important to talk about dental visits in a positive manner especially if the idea of going to the dentist is new to your child.

We have a few ideas that may help you and your child avoid resistance to their dental appointments:

  • You are going to have so much fun at the dentist! They have fun prizes, games, movies and other fun things!
  • They will wipe away all the sugar bugs on your teeth. A week or so before their dentist appointment you can do an experiment with your little ones by soaking eggshells in different liquid like Coke, Pepsi, water or vinegar. Then you can show them what “sugar bugs” do to their teeth. Check out some ideas for tooth experiments on Pinterest!
  • They will make them sparkly and shiny! Do your children collect stones? Try showing them a polished stone versus a stone from the yard and show them how shiny and clean the polished stone looks in comparison. Or maybe you have a silver piece that could use a polish? Show them the before and after of polishing a spoon.
  • Only the cleanest and brightest teeth make it to the Tooth fairy’s “Hall of Perfect Teeth”. I would suggest checking out the book, “The Tooth Fairy” by Audrey Wood. You can explain that going to the dentist also helps you keep your teeth clean so maybe their teeth will go to the Tooth Fairy’s “hall of perfect teeth” too!
  • The dentist is going to help you keep your teeth strong so you can enjoy eating your favorite foods like_______ Talk to your child about keeping their teeth strong in order to enjoy foods like apples, pears, nuts, or any other hard foods they enjoy.

If your child hasn’t ever been to the dentist they only know how to feel about a dental visit by the impression you give them. Talking about a dental visit in a positive manner is extremely important in helping your child feel at ease about the experience.

If you don’t already have a dentist picked out for your child we would love the opportunity to visit with you! Our team is exceptionally gifted in making children feel welcome and at ease during their visit. We love doing our job every day and sending your child out of our office with a happy and healthy smile. Give us a call today!

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