Your Teeth Speak: The Importance Of A Great Smile

Your Teeth Speak: The Importance Of A Great Smile

Posted by Ralph Reilly on May 16, 2017
Ralph Reilly

close up of a perfect smile.jpegPeople of all ages can be cruel. From the teenager who tells your son he could toss a football between his teeth to make a goal, to the woman who told her blind date his teeth look like a vandalized graveyard. As much as I wish all people were full of compassion it still would not change the fact that your smile is the first thing people notice about you! It’s the cover of your book and even though we have all been told you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, it happens all the time. Your smile has a direct effect on how people perceive you.

A study published by the American Dental Association revealed that 81% of people consider your smile the most dominant feature of your facial appearance. Your teeth are not just for the function of cutting up your food they affect your look, beauty, relationships and your confidence.

How Your Smile Affects Perception

Your Look

If your teeth are broken, missing or discolored it can give the impression that you don’t take care of yourself, that you may be lazy or don’t value yourself.

Your Beauty

A big smile can show off the beauty you have within but if you are too afraid to smile or hide your mouth so your teeth are not visible, no one can see it. Also as I mentioned before, most people will judge your level of beauty partially based on the condition of your teeth.

Your Relationships

From the standpoint of romance, a gorgeous smile makes a big difference in how attractive and desirable you appear. Also, without a welcoming smile you are not as approachable in your workplace, if face-to-face meetings are a big part of your job it can have a huge impact on your paycheck! Some clients may find you disingenuous or untrustworthy as if you are hiding something if your smile is suppressed or hidden. They may not be aware of the condition of your teeth but they perceive something is not genuine in your smile or conversation.

Your Confidence

If your self-confidence is lacking due to the condition of your teeth it can have a negative effect in your workplace or profession which can cause you to miss out on opportunities or promotions. In relationships it can hold you back from introducing yourself to that guy at the coffee shop. Your confidence or lack thereof can directly impact every relationship you have, personal, professional or acquaintance.


Does your smile make you look more or less confident?

Do you find yourself worrying if you are hiding or showing too much of your teeth when you smile or visit with a client or friend? Does your smile fit your personality or is the real you hiding within?

We would love to visit with you and help you navigate choices you can make about the look of your teeth and help you feel more confident in how others perceive you. Make an appointment here!