You're Never too Young For Good Oral Hygiene

You're Never too Young For Good Oral Hygiene

Posted by Ralph Reilly on May 25, 2017
Ralph Reilly

Loving mother kissing her baby - isolated over white background .jpegWhen you bring your little bundle of joy home the last thing on your mind is probably oral health for your little one. You are busy with diapers, newborn check ups, endless laundry and surviving sleep deprivation! If you’re a parent or grandparent, you know what I’m talking about.

I’d like to share some helpful tips and information with you that will help you instill good oral hygiene in your child at an early age.

Tips For Early Age Good Oral Hygiene 

Newborn/Infant without Teeth

I know you may think it seems early but I like to suggest that you begin to get the baby accustomed to cleaning out their mouth early on. Obviously, in the first few months, there are no teeth in the mouth to clean. But using a clean warm damp cloth to wipe off the gums will help get the baby accustomed to having someone help keep their mouth clean.

Newborn/Infant with Teeth

Babies typically start getting their teeth in around 5 to 9 months. As soon as the teeth start coming in, begin brushing teeth with a baby-sized, soft bristle toothbrush.

18 Months

When your child is 18 months you should begin bringing them into the dentist office for regular visits. Think of the first appointment as an orientation. It helps your child begin to get familiar to the sights, sounds and smells, and helps begin creating trust with the dentist.

As your baby begins to eat solid foods inevitably you will end up sharing your fork, spoon or drink with them. Did you know through these shared foods and drinks, you can transmit the bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay to your child? Making sure your mouth is healthy is important for your child.

Congratulations on your new addition and don’t worry, your little one will eventually begin to sleep through the night!

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